Application type inscription OOCS from the underlying protocol of the OORT public chain

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Recently, we received official news that the first applied inscription on the OORT public chain will officially open Mint at 12:00 UTC on March 3, 2022. This is also the first mother inscription on the SEDNA multi strand inscription ecological launch platform. We will build a brand new ordinal platform to empower the ecosystem of OORT and generate value attributes.
OOCS has a total of 20 million Mints, which are segmented through the top ten ecosystems of OORT. This is also the world's first segmented Mint mechanism, allowing users to trade while Mint. Transactions can also be made after Mint is completed. Ensure the convenience and diversity of user transactions.
In addition, OOCS also has multiple deflation mechanisms to ensure the value support of its inscriptions. We have reason to believe that OOCS will become a rising star in inscriptions in 2024 and lead the industry in the prosperity of inscriptions.
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The first mother inscription of the SEDNA launch platform will also serve the SEDNA platform. When more high-quality projects are launched through SEDNA, their inscription ecology will be constructed through OOCS. In the future, as more high-quality inscriptions are emitted from SEDNA, the value of OOCS will also increase.
OOCS is the world's first applied inscription, which will build a complete ecological loop for the main chain ecosystem and provide corresponding main chain value enhancement. OORT has a total of ten ecosystems:
1. Inscription launch platform
2. Decentralized Exchange DEX
3. DEFI liquidity mining
4. NFT auction platform
5. Distributed Enterprise Service System
6. DAO Autonomous Organization Community Application
7. Decentralized payment engine
8. Gamefi Large Game
9. AI Artificial Intelligence Applications
10. OORT main chain algorithm stablecoin
Through the ecological completion of each stage, OOCS will segment Mint 2 million sheets.
We have reason to believe that it is only a matter of time before OOCS wins the entire Inscription race, and in a launch platform governed by DAO, it is also a guarantee of the interests of all participating users. At the same time, we encourage more people to participate in building, launching, and influencing more inscriptions in the ecosystem.

by John Marshall
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